Sunday Scribblings #1 : Top 5 Things I Love About YA Fantasy
March 6, 2016 Features

Hello Readers

In my neverending quest to improve my blog, I am forever looking for ways to form a connection with my readers and while I’m sure some of you enjoy my bookhauls and wrap-ups etc, I don’t think you get to see the person behind the blog through these somewhat impersonal posts.

I’ve therefore resolved to create a new feature where I share Top 5 Lists and occasionally more personal rants or musing. This is a big step for me since I’m normally more of an introvert and I find it difficult to be so open. So, I daresay therse personal musings might take awhile before I build up the courage to actually post one but in the meantime, you can learn a bit about my bookish peeves, preferences and such every other Sunday.

Today, I’m talking about the Top 5 Things I Love About YA Fantasy. Let’s get on with it then!


  1. I’ve always loved fantasy but sometimes, those epic fantasy novels can drag on and on with just so much unneccessary descriptions of inane things that I would find myself skimming and then the perfectionist in me would make me go back and read every agonising word. Now, some YA fantasy could be guilty of this but since they are usually relatively shorter in comparison to adult epic fantasy or high fantasy, there is simply less pages for them to waste with that, so even if there is some info dumping or overlong descriptions, its still a lot less turturous.
  2. YA fantasy novels also tend to get to the action or the main plot points faster, and are usually a lot shorter which means I can get through more of them 🙂
  3. There is a larger number of female main protaganists in YA fantasy than adult epic fantasy. That is just awesome as a female to read about these chicks kicking mad butts!
  4. YA fantasy reads more easily, is less ponderous and less ‘heavy’ in terms of the overall ‘tone’ of the book.
  5. YA authors are not easy to think outside of the box and put new twists on existing fantasy tropes making it seem like an original and totally new idea, while it is simply beautifully recycled.

What are some of your reasons for loving YA fantasy?  Feel free to share them with me, I would love to hear your thoughts!



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  1. I agree with your points. I prefer YA fantasy to adult because they are shorter and have female protagonists. Other than that, I like the romance aspect to in my fantasy books so YA fantasy has a side plot of that too to keep my satisfied.

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