Week In Books #16 (March 1 – 6)
March 7, 2016 Features

Hello Readers

Welcome to my weekly feature , my Week In Books where I showcase what I’ve read, received for review, and hauled.  This is the first one on this website so it’s been a while since I’ve done one, all due to the flu of the century that threw everything off schedule and have me playing catchup. This week was a slow week so its going to be a short one.

Also, I realised whilst checking a link via twitter, that the slideshow doesn’t always work on mobile so I might just switch back to a  regular tile display.


Books I Read

Curse Of The Sphinx (read my Review for the blog tour here)

The Masked City

Hunters of the Dream : The Gathering


Books Received For Review


Doing Germany

Doing Germany 2


The Artisans

The Paladins

Davenports Raze


Mini Book Haul


Black City Saint

Siren’s Song


There you have it guys; my Week In Books. Did you read anything interesting this week? Let me know on twitter using #WeekInBooks!

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