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April 4, 2016 Blog Tour
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Annabeth Neverending by Leyla Kader Dahm
Publication date: December 15th 2015
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
annabeth neverending

At first, teenager Annabeth Prescott thinks she’s found quite a deal when she talks down the price of an ankh pendant she discovers at a flea market. She soon wonders if the bauble is more than she’s bargained for when she faints and glimpses images from a past life in ancient Egypt.

The discovery coincides with another new find: Gabriel, a handsome young man who takes an interest in her. When she meets his twin brother C. J. at a Halloween party, she realizes they look exactly like two boys who figure prominently into her memories.

Does C. J. share the heroic qualities held by his past incarnation Sethe, her bodyguard when she was Princess Ana? Does Gabriel possess the same evil powers he wielded as Kha, the black sorcerer who sought her affection?

Love meets the supernatural in this gripping young adult paranormal romance. Readers with an interest in reincarnation, as well as ancient Egypt, will be drawn to its mystical mixture of history and hesitation as Annabeth sways between the two brothers.

Will her reincarnated soulmate win out? Or will Kha finally find the way to her heart?


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My Review

Annabeth Neverending was an interesting reincarnation story which afforded glimpses into ancient Egypt and the possible court intrigue, drama and forbidden romance . Coupled with a curse and a mystery, it was an enjoyable and quick read.

The main character Annabeth is adopted and she sleepwalks. While browsing the market one day, she comes across an Ankh pendant that she gets for a bargain price but this Ankh is no ordinary pendant. It belonged to an Egyptian princess of whom Anna is the reincarnation. Pretty soon, the Ankh is offering her glimpses into her past life and causing complications in her present life. Gabriel, her co-worker and his twin C.J  also make appearances in these flashbacks but are they who she thinks they are? This is a mystery she wil have to unravel if she is to put an end to a centuries old curse with her at the center.

The author does know how to tell a story and her writing style lends itself to easy ready so that the pages fly by and the reader is totally engaged. Though not familiar with ancient Egypt history, I was intrigued by the brief glimpes that were made possible by the flashbacks.

Annabeth was observant and curious and it served her well.  The romance was cute and clean and the diagolue was witty and funny and the story was paced well. I do think that the story is not for mature readers since conflicts and mysteries were too easily resolved . There was a plot twist towards the end that was really surprising and that is always welcome.

All in all, an enjoyable mix of the modern with ancient Egyptian mythology/history for fans of stories about reincarnation.

My Rating

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Wisconsin native Leyla Kader Dahm popped popcorn and dreamt of a career in show business while working in a movie theater during high school. The small-town Midwestern girl opted for the practical route and studied communications at Carroll College and Cornell University. But her life changed course dramatically when a temp agency placed her in a production and development gig at Miramax/Dimension Films.

Dahm went on to work as a script consultant for numerous production companies. She appeared in the acclaimed spoken word show Sit ‘N Spin and had her comedy feature spec, Due North, optioned by Michael Levy Enterprises. She sold her pitch, Survival Instinct, to Nickelodeon Original Movies.

Dahm lives with her husband and children in Los Angeles, where she focuses on writing quality material for families and young adults.

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