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Hello Readers

Welcome to the first, of what I hope will be many, Indie Author Spotlights! I’ve chosen to do this feature because there are so many awesome books out there that aren’t being given a chance, because some persons assume equate books written by Indie authors with poor story quality. That is often not the case. I admire all authors but especially these who didn’t let a ‘little thing’ like a publishing company stand in the way of their dreams. Kudos to them all!

Enough talk, let’s get on with a Guest Post and Giveaway from author of the Fate’s Forsaken series, Shea Ford.

Guest Post


Those of you who’ve read the Fate’s Forsaken series know that it involves a new kind of magic called whispering: it is a magic that manifests itself in extraordinary feats of strength and heart, a magic limited only by the imagination of its wielder.

I’ve been asked a few times about how I came up with whispering, so I thought I’d go ahead and share. Though I’ll warn you that the inspiration was far more literal than fantastical.

Math has never been my strong suit. I struggled with it early on, but found that whispering the steps to myself as I worked helped get me through it — that is, until some well-meaning classmate shrilled that I was giving the answers away. I got into trouble, and my whispering stopped.

It wasn’t until about fifteen years later that it started up again. After I got my BA, I followed in the footsteps of my lecherous millennial brethren (kidding) and moved back home for grad school. Already appalled by the amount of debt I’d accumulated in just three short years, I decided to finish my schooling online.

Both of my parents worked; my younger sister was away at college. This meant that I had the house completely to myself — well, except for my Pomeranian. But he was often too busy napping to have time to judge me. I started whispering to myself again: first to get through a finance course, and after that, just because I could.

Life was great.

Then, much like a troll snarling into a mirror, it soon became grotesquely clear to me that HRM was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I barely made it halfway through the first semester before I started writing again … and I think you all can guess what happened next.

Yes, I’m still whispering. Readers will probably be tickled to know that I literally whispered my way through the entire Fate’s Forsaken series. Every word you’ve read, I first muttered to myself — probably while hunched unhealthily close to the computer screen, my Pom snoring in the background.

What I’m trying to express, to all potential authors, is the importance of whispering to oneself while writing. Simply reading a passage you’ve read a dozen times before doesn’t give it any punch. Whispering those words requires a bit more concentration, requires you to feel the story on ear and tongue. It gives your tale dimension.

But always whisper, because if you try reading aloud, you’ll drown it all out: the thunder of a heavy battle, the slap of wind against the sails — and most egregiously, the lilt and song of your characters’ words. All of these little details add color to your world, so be mindful of their fragility.

Whether you’re an author or a reader, please remember that anytime you come into contact with the written word, you carry our oldest and greatest magic: it is a magic that manifests itself in extraordinary feats of strength and heart …

A magic limited only by the imagination of its wielder.

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The Fate’s Forsaken Series

Title: Harbinger ( Fate’s Forsken #1)harbinger
Author: Shae Ford
Publication Date: July 30th 2012

Avg Rating on Goodreads : 4.03

Goodreads Summary:

Seventeen years ago, a long and bloody rebellion wracked the six united regions of the Kingdom. Now the new King wields the vast and unvanquished army of Midlan with his right hand, and with his left has granted a small group of thugs — the nobles he calls his Sovereign Five — unbridled rule over the other regions. As if this weren’t bad enough, the King has also outlawed the practice of whispering — which is a problem for Kael.

It’s not like he asked to be born a whisperer: he didn’t ask for his strange healing powers anymore than he asked to be the village runt. And when he rescues a wounded girl from the perils of the Unforgivable Mountains, his luck only gets worse. She couldn’t have been just any girl: she had to be Kyleigh —the sword-wielding renegade knight with all of Midlan on her trail. Then one miserable, snowy evening, things go from bad to worse, and Kael is left with no choice but to follow Kyleigh down the mountains and into the tumultuous lowlands. She leads him on one mad quest after the next — eventually pulling off an act of such mischievous proportions that it threatens to change the Kingdom as they know it.


amazon big

slight and shadowTitle: Slight and Shadow ( Fates’ Forsaken #2)
Author: Shae Ford
Publication Date: July 19th 2013

Avg Rating on Goodreads: 4.18

Goodreads Summary:

Winter has finally broken its hold over the Kingdom — but as the snows melt, trouble springs up in its place. A dark cloud hangs over Midlan: the army has retreated behind its high walls, not a word slips out from between its gates. And rumors swirl that the King has gone mad.

Kael knows nothing of this: his sights are on the plains. But with his horrible luck following him wherever he goes, it doesn’t take long for his plan to unravel. In fact, he begins to suspect that some would rather see him dead. If Kael is going to have any chance to survive, he’ll have to come up with a new plan — and quickly.

Meanwhile, Kyleigh finds herself locked in a sprint across the desert. Time presses against her: there is a force gathered in Whitebone that threatens to undo everything, should it reach the plains. But her pride blinds her to the dangers, and it isn’t long before she and her companions are lost among the towering dunes.


amazon big

Title: Dragonsbane ( Fate’s Forsaken #3)dragonsbane
Author: Shae Ford
Publication Date: July 29th 2014

Avg Rating on Goodreads: 4.28

Goodreads Summary:

With the thrones of the Sovereign Five broken, the Kingdom sits on the brink of ruin. A new threat rises from the north — an alliance between two rulers. While the Earl and the Countess plot for the throne, King Crevan slips deeper into madness. All of their fates are intertwined … and may yet be tied to a boy from the mountains.

Forced to choose between avenging his village and protecting those he loves, Kael begins the long journey home. His travels soon dissolve into chaos: dark rumors plague him, a war between shamans has erupted in his path, and he’s fairly certain one of the Countess’s agents is following him. Still, he knows that all of these troubles are nothing compared to the danger that lurks in the Unforgivable Mountains — what he doesn’t know is how one simple choice may change his world forever.

The die has been cast.


amazon big

daybreakTitle: Daybreak (Fate’s Forsaken #4)
Author: Shae Ford
Publication Date: September 18th 2015

Avg Rating of Goodreads: 4.26

Goodreads Summary:

Midlan has awoken.

Soldiers pour from between the gates and monsters descend upon the Kingdom. When Midlan turns its eye to Copperdock, Kael quickly discovers that no realm is safe from the wrath of the King. But while he fights to keep Crevan’s soldiers away from his friends, other powers rise up behind him — including an army so terrible that it threatens to devour everything.

All paths lead to Midlan, every fate hinges upon a final battle, and the bloodshed will bring about a reckoning a thousand years in the making — a plan woven by Fate, herself. There’s only one soul she can’t cast for: a boy from the mountains who might undo everything, if he isn’t stopped.

When Kael’s journey carries him to the battle’s end, he doesn’t know that the fate of the Kingdom rests upon his shoulders. The choice he makes will forever change his world … and bring him to the story’s end.


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Author Bio:

authPic [135204]

Shae Ford is the USA Today bestselling author of the Fate’s Forsaken series, and a lifelong Texan. Born as arguably the quietest child in a raucous (but wonderful) extended family, Shae spent much of her early years daydreaming about the places and characters inside her head. She went to Texas A&M University (Whoop!) with every intention of becoming a geneticist. But wound up with an English degree, instead.


Shae published her debut novel, Harbinger, a few years later at the age of twenty-three. Though she had no idea what she was doing, fantasy readers from all over the world seemed to fall in love with her characters — characters who’d been with her for many years, through thick and thin. Her readers’ heartfelt admissions ultimately encouraged her to keep writing.


And the rest, as they say, is history.


The Fate’s Forsaken series follows the story of Kael: a young man who is gifted with extraordinary powers, but plagued by rotten bad luck. Having the chance to share his many (mis)adventures with readers all over the world has been the opportunity of a lifetime, and a journey Shae will never forget.


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  1. I do … I only recently became aware that I was buying and reading several indie authors …
    I like the idea of supporting indie authors!

    • That’s awesome! I just admire them so much that I want to support them in the way that I can 🙂 Good luck on the Giveaway and be sure to check this series out!

    • Hey Lisa, thanks for the post! I think we (Indies) are doing a better job of blending in: investing in good proofers, great cover art, and enlisting the help of beta-readers to make sure we’re offering our fans the best possible product. Advertisement is always a challenge– which is why it’s so wonderful when bloggers like Lina give us a chance! We don’t bite 😉

  2. I LOVE Indy books. I’ve read all of the Fates Forsaken series, as well as every book by many other Indy publishers. I was very pleased to hear how Shea came up with her Whispering concept. I hope to hear more about her ideas and their sources.

    • Thank you . I’m glad to hear you’ve read the series. I’ll be reading and reviewong them soon.

    • Hey, Lori! It’s always great to hear from you 🙂

      I love your comment. Something that I think really sets Indies apart from traditional books is their soul. I’m not saying that traditional books are soulless, but when you’ve got an editor, you will be told there are things you can’t do.

      Following the rules leads to a more uniformly polished product, like something reliable and straight off the factory line. Indy books are more like folk art: charmingly asymmetrical. Our lines are rough and raw; our words carved from an unfamiliar source. If you read closely, you can tell that it’s handmade. But there is something exciting about discovering a work that someone else has put so much of themselves into. And when you leave it raw, when you can see the carving lines, I think it makes it easier for your readers to connect with the story– because it takes them off the factory floor and gives them something undeniably human.

      Always so good to hear from you, Lori! Thank you for your post, and for your kind words about my series 🙂

  3. I love reading indie books! I love supporting the authors, and personally I think some of the best books are indie.

    • Thank you and I’m sure they’re grateful for your support!

    • Thank you for that, Amber! We really have come a long ways, I think.

      It wasn’t so long ago that, in order to be published, you had to be chosen. Someone in New York or London chose you. They chose not only based on what would fit their image, but on what they thought the public could handle reading. Sometimes I wonder how characters and worlds we missed out on simply because the industry didn’t think they were good enough. Think about how many times Harry Potter was rejected, and how close we came to never visiting Hogwarts. That’s a good portion of my generation’s childhood that might’ve never happened, all because publishers didn’t think it would sell.

      Yes, there are some unpolished Indy books out there. But I am so at peace with the knowing that we’ll never miss out on another adventure that I don’t mind the stigma. I was rejected several times, as well. And I am very grateful to have had the chance publish.

      Thank you again, Amber, and all the best!

  4. Her book cover art is really great! Thanks for hosting and introducing me to these books.

  5. I guess I’ll be honest and be the first to say that I do not. But thank you for the opportunity for the giveaway, i would really want to get a gift for my sister’s birthday later this month.! ?

    • Thanks for your honesty. I guess I’m still wondering why not though.

      • Lol. I’m not much of a reader of books and novels, unless its the Bible, or things related to my major, minor or current events or random articles ?
        Hope that takes the mystery away. ?

        But it may grow grow on me if I give it a read.
        Thanks again!

    • Indie books aren’t for everyone, Teresa. A lot of people hadn’t read “The Martian” before a traditional publisher picked it up. It was the same book Andy Weir was giving away on his website, but I suppose some readers needed it to be blessed by a publishing house before they’d give it a chance. Good luck in the raffle! ?

      • Thanks Shae for this info. I had no idea, but for me, I’m a lover of books, be it Indie or other. So, my choice to read a book is whether the premise and often the cover 😉 intrigues me. It is never who published it or such and I think those that choose based on Indie or traditionally published, end up cheating themselves out of some really great stories.

        • That’s an excellent way to look at it, Lina. Like I said: we’ve come a long ways– and we always appreciate being given a chance! If you think about it, no first-time author starts out with a publishing contract. Everyone, from King to Rowling to Weir, first made the choice to sit down and write in anonymity. We all began as Indies: we just need someone to come along and give us a chance 😉

  6. I love indie books. Most of the best books I have read are indie!

    • Thanks for that, Ashley! I agree with you: there is a raw, wonderful charm in a lot of Indie stories. Readers get to see *exactly* what’s going on inside our heads 😀

  7. I read indie books because they’re amazing! Plus lots of great authors are indie. And every book deserves a chance. In fact I just read whatever sounds great!!

    • Thanks for your comment Chelsea. It echoes my sentiments exactly.

    • Thank you, Chelsea! The entire Indie platform was built by the support offered from readers like you. We finally have a vote: the writers will decide what is written, and the readers will decide what is read. It is a storytelling symbiosis the likes of which we’ve never had the chance to experience– and I believe that it is a fully sustainable evolution of the industry. There’s truly never been a better time to be in the business of books.

      I, personally, am forever indebted to the readers at Amazon and Smashwords for picking up my books. I tell them all the time that THEY made the series what it is, and that’s the absolute truth. There wouldn’t have been a series without them!

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