Book Review: Nightlord: Sunset by Garon Whited
October 7, 2016 Book Reviews


Title: Nightlord: Sunset
Author: Garon Whited
Publication Date: September 15th 2014

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Goodreads Summary:

Eric didn’t ask to be a vampire. In fact, he didn’t even believe in them. Then he hooks up with a hot babe, wakes up with a hangover, and bites his tongue with his own fangs.

Which pretty much settles the question.

Now he’s trying to hold down his day job while learning the rules of the Undead — the most important being that bloodthirsty urges and predatory instincts are a real bitch.

Upside; Eric has the beautiful Sasha to teach him the ropes, including the magic he’ll need to survive.

Downside; they’re being hunted by members of the Church of Light, who are determined to rid the world of vampires.

Then Sasha is killed, and Eric is thrust into an alternate world in his quest to avenge her death. There he becomes a Nightlord, fights a dragon with the help of his magical steed, Bronze, and upchucks a sword named Firebrand.

But things get really interesting when Eric finally finds Tobias, head of the Church of Light. Soon Eric finds himself at the center of an epic battle at the literal edge of the world in a fight to keep a terrible darkness at bay.

In other words, just another day in the life of the Nightlord.

“When you fall off the Edge of the World into hordes of demonic Things from the Outer Darkness, you really start to wonder if you haven’t made some mistakes.”
–Eric, part-time undead, expectant father, and short-term astronaut.

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My Review

Nightlord: Sunset is so much more than just another vampire story and Eric is much more than just another vampire. There are Dragons, Goblins, Orcs, Kobbolds, Witches, Wizards, Magicians, the Fae, an Eric comes into contact with all of them. As if being a vampire wasn’t hard enough, there is a pretty bad-ass religious sect called the Church of the Light who is out to exterminate vampires and they have Eric in their sites. He will have to stand up and defend himself even to the realms of other realities armed with is dragon-spirt imbued sword Firebrand, and his magical metal horse, Bronze. Be prepared to go on an adventure the likes of which you probably have never experienced and be prepared to literally laugh out loud at Eric’s dry wit and wicked humour.

Its’ been a while since I’ve read any vampire fiction and this book was the perfect re-introduction to this genre. Eric, our main character is so real, he practically leaps off the pages. I love his dry wit and sarcasm and I just loved going on this adventure with him. I really think the author does a good job of providing a plausible explanation for vampirism and how it affects the body; more of a combination of the medical and the supernatural.

The Church of Light casted in the role of villain, is also well-drawn. They are pretty much what one would expect of a fanatical religious sect, convinced that what they are doing is right and not blinking at doing all sorts of morally wrong things to achieve their goals.

There is action and intrigue galore as Eric fights against all manner of creatures and the Church of the Light. He suffers loss, discovers new extensions of his abilities, is reforged and develops as a character as he wages war against those who would destroy him and others like him. I love that even though Eric was this powerful vampire, he does not automatically know it all but has to learn a lot which is very realistic. I also loved the idea of other realities and the wide array of creatures which Eric encounters. This helps to enforce that unique vibe and makes this book stand out in a sea of vampire fiction.

The plot is solid and moves along at a steady pace with some faster-paced moments. It sort of meanders along sometimes which is where I felt improvement could have been made in terms of the length. The world-building is well done and extensive and one understands the basic rules for magic and the like. The story went in a totally unpredictable direction and I was blown away by the scope of  the author’s imagination. This is a book that the author took time to craft and imbue with bits of himself.

Overall, a fantastic read with a whole new take on vampires and elevated by an amalgamation of other fantastical creatures, different realities and a well-casted villainous organisation, and a storyline the like of which is not to be found. The ending is epic and leaves the reader yearning to read the sequel. I recommend it for lovers of vampire fiction and or fantasy lovers.

My Rating

4 1_2


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